Less Babble, More Eye-Bauble
November 29 2010

Funny thing about the Pianobabbler. He babbles.

The Pianobabbler explores the working musician's life, for the most part, verbally. Words.

Today, something different. Video. Instead of babble, eye-bauble.

Recently, I played with my trio at Toronto's Gallery 345 (part of my Blue Modules project, see Pianobabbler 140.) Owner Edward Epstein runs this beautiful space as part art gallery, part concert hall. It helps that Edward acquired and reconditioned a 9-foot concert grand Baldwin, and a 7-foot Steinway M. Sweet.

Photographer / videographer Greg King was good enough to capture the concert on video. So, instead of babbling, the Pianobabbler today is sharing the sounds and images of the concert with you.

Blessed to be surrounded by top-flight collaborators, bassist Brandi Disterheft and drummer Roger Travassos, I offer here some of the thirteen tunes we performed.

Some Elvis:

My Mother's Father's Song (from my recording of the same name):

A Harold Arlen classic:

Italian songwriter
Jovanotti's terrific bossa:

The Pianobabbler has babbled. Sort of.

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